the curly flower at school: writing in Civic Engagement

Dear readers,

My name is Giulia Baldini and I’m an Italian-Brazilian Journalism student at Hofstra University. My minors are Creative Writing and Civic Engagement. Most of my interests rotate around the journalism and fashion industries, but I always try to seek more and more information on these two worlds via different subjects, topics, and point of views.

The purpose of this blog is academic, since this is a requirement for one of my courses I’m taking under the Civic Engagement program. This class, called Writing Against Power, is taught by Prof. Efthymiou. Here I will share specific blog posts as assignments and projects for the class.

If you’d like to know more about my main work, freelance writing, and adventures, feel free to check my main site.

What can I say more? Stay tuned!


Giulia – also known as

the curly flower

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